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YellowPagesToExcel Support Page

03 September 2012: Latest update to version (fixes the changes to yellow pages website that stopped phone numbers being correctly extracted.)

1) First install Microsoft .Net 4.5 framework from http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30653
2) Start Yellowpages2Excel and choose the Update Software checkbox on the payment and licensing page. Click "Check for Updates"
3) Restart Yellowpages2Excel, Request your license again and you should be good to go....

If the program does not run as expected then send a brief description of the problem and the error message to andrew@jonkers.net.au and I will provide an update as soon as possible.

This program downloads content from the yellowpages.com.au site. The owners of this site may change the site at any time. While this does not usually affect the operation of this program, downloads may fail if they choose to present yellow pages content in a different form. It is not possible to anticipate these changes in advance.

If the program ceases to work as a result of changes to the YellowPages web site, let me know and I will provide a new release of the software where possible.

The license file is stored in your MyDocuments/YellowPagesToExcel folder. If this file is accidently deleted, it may be reloaded simply by requesting the license again. Some product updates may require this license to be deleted and reloaded.

Any license problems, contact andrew@jonkers.net.au immediately

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