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Freeware: Cut video transport streams (.ts) and output mpeg video (.mpg)

IFrames is a program written in C# .Net to process a digital video stream (in .ts format), select sections of same, and write it out to an Mpeg file (.mpg format).

It originated from my frustration at the multitude of freeware tools required to cut transport streams into pieces, join them together and write them in another format. The program was written to manipulate transport stream format files from WebScheduler. It has been tested on most Australian free to air digital broadcast formats. The transports stream should only include one video and audio stream (i.e. WebScheduler TSMux capture type). It should work when more than one stream is present, but it will only use the first stream found.

This software is supplied as freeware only for non-commercial use. Download and unzip the file, place it somewhere convenient on your computer and run it! Click the tooltips checkbox to provide pop-up help.

Download IFrames( (requires .Net 2.x Framework runtime)  

I now have an updated version built with a few bug fixes and other minor improvements. the main user interface change is to the cut button which is now split in three parts. Click the central part to cut without saving this point as a user defined cut point. Click the left portion of the cut button to add the frame to the left of the cut point as a user defined cut point. Click the right portion of the cut button to add the frame to the right of the cut point as a user defined cut point.

Download IFrames(  (requires .Net 2.x framework runtime)

Download IFrames(  (requires .Net3.x framework runtime)

Please delete the IFrames_user_cuts.cut file or click "Clear Cut History" button if you use version 2.2 in the same directory as version 2.1 as it uses a different file format.

Known Issues: Some high definition video streams only display the left half of the picture, however the full video frame is still written to the output file. Sometimes a delay after choosing cut file while it loads before you can use it. Wait and it does appear. Initial frames may not appear till you click on the frame-line. Darn it I thought I had fixed that.

Future Work: More command line options, better auto-split cuts for low light video content, add multi-stream .ts capability.





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