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Curriculum Vitae

B.Eng (Chemical & Materials) 1983 University of Auckland.
M.EngSc-Research (Metallurgical) 1990 - University of Queensland

I have worked on gravity separation jigs in numerous plants in Australia and overseas continuously since 1987 to the present day and have extensively worked on plants with jigs supplied by KHD, Allmineral, Bateman, McNally, FCB and Kelsey. My principal area of expertise lies in real-time process control systems and the development of new instrumentation. Much of this work has been conducted at remote mining locations where I have a demonstrated ability to develop, manage, implement and commission small to mid-sized projects under challenging industrial circumstances. I also have extensive experience in process modelling of unit operations, with particular emphasis on the mineral processing jig. My background includes considerable knowledge of process engineering and metallurgy in the mineral processing industry. This has involved modeling of the underlying physical principles of unit operations, particularly gravity separation devices. This work  includes experience with computational fluid dynamics packages (CFD), both configuring commercial packages such as FIDAP, writing my own 3-d discrete element model for multiphase liquid-particulate systems. It also includes the development of specialized finite element models for material flow and separation in jigs. This theoretical knowledge is balanced by several years of experience with many empirical campaigns of sampling jigs from laboratory scale to full commercial scale and the statistical analysis of this data. I have designed and programmed software in many different languages (C#, C/C++, Fortran, Assembler, BASC, Visual BASIC, Excel VBA) and computing environments (Intel x86, Microsoft, Visual Studio.NET 2003,2005, Unix). I have also developed many PLC applications using ladder logic and structured text in Mitsubishi and Schneider environements (including interaction with SCADA systems such as Citect and HMI displays).

I received my engineering training at Auckland, New Zealand and graduated from Auckland University as a Chemical and Materials Engineer in 1983 with 1st class honours. My first employment was as a process software engineer at New Zealand Steel for a period of 2 years (1984-1985). During this time I was involved in the commissioning of major new infrastructure and testing of the control software for the QBOP steel furnace and the smelters for pig iron production. I left N.Z. Steel to work as a contract programmer at the CRA copper mine on Bougainville island for a period of one year (1986). During this time I was involved in the design of job scheduling software for the mine workshops and later, for support of a large number of personal computers at the site where I designed and implemented a number of small database projects. I moved to Brisbane, Australia in 1987 and undertook a Masters degree under Dr. Geoff Lyman at the Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre (JKMRC), University of Queensland. This project involved the design, installation and commissioning of a custom real-time control system for a large coal jig at Newlands Coal near Mackay. As part of this project I also received a high level of training and experience in the design, conduct and statistical analysis of mineral sampling experimental trials. From completing my Masters degree in 1989 until 1999, I was employed at the JKMRC as a Senior Research Officer. I have worked in a major role on several large research projects. I jointly hold patents on jig control technology with Dr. Geoff Lyman, and am responsible for the development of several other innovative instrument technologies. These include a novel method for measuring magnetic susceptibility in the mineral sands industry, an automatic gas pycnometer for particle density measurement, and computer programs for a 3-d discrete element model of 2 phase liquid-particulate systems. From 1999 to 2001, I was employed as a Systems Engineer for JKTech (The JKMRC commercial division) responsible for developing installing and commissioning industrial process computer control systems, including SCADA systems such as Citect, and a variety of PLC's. for jig control. From 2001 to the present day I have been running my own sole trader consulting and R&D business from Brisbane. During this period I have continued to promote and consult on the operation and understanding of jigs in the mineral industry with several companies including Anglo Coal (Callide), Xstrata coal, Rio-Tinto Coal (Tarong), and the Bateman Minerals jig group

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