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Current Interests

In between the consulting on all aspects of the Mineral Processing Jig and other engineering projects that form the core of my business I am also pursuing my own privately funded research interests. Some well advanced projects include:

  • A novel thermal solar technology/business model capable of competing at current generation prices,

  • A new transient signal analysis technique based on spatial statistics (of more general utility than Wavelets and Fourier and suited to acoustics and vibration analysis),

  • A new framework for combining quantum mechanics and general relativity into a single theory (conformal mapping of co-ordinate systems to topological manifolds).

 If you are interested in collaborating with me in these areas please contact me.

Cost effective quality solutions in engineering development

If your development project is languishing for lack of innovative solutions and you need someone with a strong background in engineering physics, programming and  mathematics then I can make it happen for you. Contact me to discuss rates and requirements. All enquiries treated in confidence. I am a qualified Chemical and Materials engineer specialising in real time process control and novel instrumentation. Referee and client references available on request.

  • A Jig I recently commissioned in Brazil Development of novel measurement and control instrumentation, including all interface, software and documentation requirements.

  • Development of sophisticated real-time process control systems using any common PLC brand.

  • Development of mathematical models for equipment and processes.

  • Consulting in all aspects of the Mineral Processing Jig.

  • Specialised engineering calculations provided as Excel functions or a stand alone .Net Microsoft Windows application. No job too small!

I am a qualified engineer specialising in process control and instrumentation design. With a proven track record in research development and commercialisation of engineering technology in the mining industry, I provide consulting on all aspects of the Mineral Processing Jig as well as general programming services in the following technologies:

C#.Net, Assembler, FORTRAN, Fortran90, C,C++, Basic, VB, Excel Add-ins
Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7,  SQL, Mitsubishi PLC ,Schneider PLC

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